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Launch your Idea
in weeks.

We leverage the power of no-code to get your Minimum Viable Product (MVP) up and running in weeks.


A Process you can Trust

01. Planning & Design

After a Requirements Call to fully understand and define the MVP we generate the Requirements Document.

02. Iterative Development

We follow a lean development process with regular QA and Client Check-ins.

03. Launch!

Your idea is fully functional.

Get your first users and scale it up!

Startup MVP built using bubble app builder without coding
Ranjit Bhinge, Bllur Apps, Atomic Fusion,
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About Us

Meet Ranjit, the Bubble Wizard behind Blur Apps

Ranjit discovered in the summer of 2019 when he created his first social network app for a study on remote work. Since then, he worked as a freelance Bubble developer and soon started consulting startups across the globe as a product developer, a product head and a no-code CTO.

In 2021, he launched Blur Apps to streamline his consulting and product development activities in the Bubble space. Blur Apps now has numerous plugins to its name as well as several successful client startups that have gone on to raise millions in VC funds.

In early 2022, Ranjit acquired Atomic Fusion, a SaaS tool that helps Bubblers organize, share and optimize their Bubble development work.

Looking forward, Ranjit aims to play a big role in the no-code wave that will transform economies, startup ecosystems and the way we do business.

Nikhil Shenai

CEO at the IQT, London 

“We went from an idea to a stable and fully functional Online Store with a Forum in just a month. It's amazing how quick the process was. I had a great experience with Blur Apps.”


Startups we've worked with

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