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Launch your App
in weeks.

We leverage the power of no-code to get your App or Minimum Viable Product (MVP) up and running in no time.


How it works

1. Scoping

After receiving your requirements form, we set up a couple of calls with you to define exactly how you envision your app. This gets translated to a requirements document that we get your approval on before proceeding.

2. Planning

We refer to the app requirements doc to strategize the app's implementation and then set up a series of tasks and sprints for the development team to execute on. We also help you pick the best service plan for the project.

3. Tracking

You can track the progress of the app development in real time and schedule weekly check-ins with the team.

4. Shipping

Once the development & QA process is complete, the app is ready for initial test users. Your plan's bug-fixing hours are used to hash out any issues that get reported.

Startup MVP built using bubble app builder without coding

Let's build a great app!

With 5 years of working with Bubble, we've seen it evolve and enable rich functionalities.

For everything else, we insert code, build plugins and make things happen.


Customized Design


Advanced Logic


Optimized Builds

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Custom Code Injection


Custom Plugin Builds


API Integrations

Recent Apps

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Ranjit is the de-facto CTO for most of our projects.

He brings his experience as a developer, a founder and an investor to help you maximise the value of the app we build for you.

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About Us

Meet the Bubble Wizard behind Blur Apps

Ranjit ran several ventures since 2015, including Electronics, E-Commerce and Mobile Apps - some of which he exited. He freelanced as a Bubble developer since 2019 and soon started consulting startups worldwide as a developer, a product head and a no-code CTO.

In 2021, he launched Blur Apps to add more value to no-code startups. Blur Apps now has numerous plugins to its name and various successful client startups that have gone on to win awards, gain thousands of users and raise millions in VC funds.

The Blur Apps team is now growing and has several promising talents from across the globe. With expertise in every aspect of Bubble development, we are more than ready to help you get your product off the ground!

We help founders build great products

We've mastered the ways of Bubble by building apps since 2019, and love helping enterprising founders build exciting products.

Blur Apps is more than just an agency. We're your product support system.

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Service Plans

$2000 *fixed

Starter WebApp / MVP

Upto 40 hrs of development

Upto 2 hours of design

Upto 2 hrs of CTO consultation

Upto 4 hrs of bug fixing

Basic QA & testing

Upto 3 External API Actions

Use of Existing Plugins

No requirement changes

Add-on services applicable

*excluding applicable taxes

$750 */week

Pro WebApp

10 hrs of development / week

1 hr of design / week

1 hr of CTO consultation / week

2 hrs of bug fixing / week

Advanced QA & testing

Unlimited API Integrations

Code/Plugin Injection as needed

Unlimited requirement changes

Includes Additional Services

*excluding applicable taxes

Additional Services

$100 /hour

CTO Consultation

Increase the CTO's involvement in your project. Recommended for more complex and technical apps.

Add-on Service | Standalone Service

$50 /hour

Designer hours

Customised design, UI/UX and wireframing are covered with this add-on. This can be applied during or after the build to enhance the look of the app.

Add-on Service

$50 /hour

Custom Code / Plugin

Works best with the fixed plan. This add-on enhances your app with custom JS code - either injected into the page or implemented as a Bubble plugin.

Add-on Service | Standalone Service

$50 /hour

Developer hours

Add more development hours to your package. This speeds up app development and lets you get more out of your service plan. Developer hours cover all development tasks from feature addition to bug fixing.

Add-on Service

$50 /hour

Figma to Bubble UI

Our team helps you convert your wireframes or Figma / XD designs to a responsive Bubble page. We make sure to set styles, hover effects & any other UI functions you need.

Standalone Service

$50 /hour

QA / Testing hours

This enhances the QA/Testing side of your app's process. Ideal for apps that need to go live quickly. This add-on will list and report bugs and issues, and doesn't include bug fixing.

Add-on Service

$50 /hour

More API Integrations

Ideal add-on to the fixed plan. This lets adds more API integrations and connects your app to external third-party services like OpenAI, Sendgrid and more for rich functionalities.

Add-on Service

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